My New Improved Needle Felting Foam Pad

I’ve been spending a bit more time needle felting, now that I’ve dyed my wool and have a whole new grip of needles.  Fortunately, I have a very supportive husband and he spent the majority of his weekend helping ME with all my felting needs.  Being that Valentine’s Day is a short ways from today, I thought a little couple sharing wouldn’t be to unbearable.

Saturday, I started the day by going outside and trying to get clean shots of some of my felted creations, it was a bright shiny day and all my pictures turned out so wrong.  Turned out 400 ISO in extreme sunlight is not the best option to use on a day like this.  I returned from the photo shoot, loaded my pictures up and was disappointed.  My husband quickly put on his shoes and offered his hand at helping me.  Of course, the simplest way to fix it was to simply say lower that ISO to 200 or 100; however, he went above and beyond and came up with some cute ideas as well.

Here is my pink bird sitting amonst a thicket of bush.

A pink bird created by needle felting

And here is my bumblebee soaring through the air; it looks like magic, but I bet you can guess how we did it!
Needle Felted Bumblebee
But wait, he didn’t stop there.  During some television watching, I decided to felt a bit.  I was surrounded my children and the needles are so sharp.  I didn’t want to sit my felting needles next to me on the sofa or coffee table for fear my 2 or 5 year old would be too curious.  I suggested “if only there was a way to nestle my felting pin cushion on the corner of my foam pad”.  He popped right up and made a little indention in my foam pad to hold my pin cushion.  Fantastic, it works great!  But there was still more,  he even cleaned up the edges of my foam pad which had become tattered and torn(the work of tiny hands I’m Sure!).  He started with a bread knife, a bit of improvement; then he searched the web and the suggestion for cutting foam pads was an electric knife.  We do not have an electric knife, then “ding, ding, ding” a bell went off in my husband’s head.  Off to the garage he went, powered up his band saw and those edges were very neat and straight in no time.  Thank you Landon!

Needle Felting Materials-Foam Pad