Tutorial on Needle Felted Gingerbread Man

This is a great tutorial for beginner needle felters and the end product, an adorable gingerbread man, would look so sweet on a sparkling tree!  This felted gingerbread man was so quick and fun to make;  he will take about 2 hours to complete.  The great thing about this project is that  imagination can run wild and every gingerbread man or woman can be unique.

needle felted christmas ornament


Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter
Felting Foam/Brush
Felting Needles
Wool Roving/Batting
Embroidery Thread and Needle
Ribbon and Yarn Needle

Ready, Set, Go!

First, set a paper on top of your working surface(the felting foam or brush).  And place the cookie cutter on top.  Then pull off pieces of wool and lay inside of the cookie cutter.  Pay close attention to the corners.  Keep adding wool until it fills the entire cookie cutter to the brim!

how to felt a gingerbread man decoration

Needle felt, with a large needle, inside the cookie cutter until the wool is laying flat.  Then peel the gingerbread man off and flip him over.

using a cookie cutter to needle felt Christmas Ornaments

Place the felted gingerbread man inside the cookie cutter and needle felt the other side.  Use a single felting needle for the very edges; be careful not to break the fragile felting needle on the metal edges.  Go slowly!

using cookie cutters as felted ornament templates

Using a smaller needle, a larger number, needle felt the gingerbread man again.  Flip him over as before and needle felt the opposite side.

How to needle felt using cookie cutters as patterns

Size down felting needles again, an even larger number, and needle felt the front and back of the felted gingerbread man.

The gingerbread man should be firm and maintain its shape at this point.  Make 2 gingerbread men in this fashion.  Then needle felt the face and little details as desired.

Needle Felting Gingerbread Man Ornaments

The reason for the two gingerbread men now becomes apparent.  The gingerbread man with the face is messy on the backside.  To hide this simply make a gingerbread man sandwich and blanket stitch around them.

How to Felt a Gingerbread Man

The final step is adding a ribbon to hang it with.  This step can be omitted if desired.  With a ribbon it’s an ornament and without the ribbon it’s holiday play food.  Win, Win!!!

Using Cookie Cutters as Felting Templates

This is a fun way to practice needle felting.  Try using different cookie cutters that you have around the kitchen.  A heart ornament, a Santa ornament, a snowman . . . .  Just imagine your holiday cookies in felted form!

Needle Felt Happy Gingerbread Man

Happy Holidays.


Needle Felting Tutorial on Happy Strawberries

Today I’m sharing my adorable needle felted strawberries and you can make your own by following this tutorial.  Here they are amidst my “real strawberry plants”.  Now let’s get on to the tutorial!

needle felted happy strawberries

You will needle wool roving or batting in the following colors: red, green, brown, yellow, white, black and pink.  Obviously if you want the berry minus the face or seeds, you will just need red and green.  Grab your
felting needles and a safe foam/brush surface and let’s go.

First grab a handful of red roving.  Shape it with your hands into a loose ball. Now lightly shape it into a ball with your largest size felting needle; I used a size 36.  Remember to do all felting on the foam pad surface. Simply push the needle in the wool over and over again.  Turn the wool as you go to create a ball. Do not make the ball dense, just a very light felting at this stage.

how to needle felt a strawberry

Next squeeze the bottom of it with your fingers to create a tip.  Now needle felt one side of this tip flat.  Flip the “berry” and needle felt the other side of the tip flat.

how to needle felt a strawberry

It should now look like this.  It is getting a little bit more strawberry shaped.

needle felting tutorial on strawberries

You want a rounded tip, not a flat tip.  Imagine the 2 sides of the tip you just felted and felt one of the areas between these two sides.  Flip it and felt the remaining side of the tip.  Felting four different sides of the tip like this should result in a rounded tip.

needle felting tutorial on strawberries

The tip is indented at this time; so go ahead and needle felt the top of the strawberry until the top bit is as felted as the tip is.  Be sure to maintain the rounded appearance of the top as you felt!

needle felting a strawberry

Now grab a smaller felting needle(a larger number needle) and needle felt the entire strawberry trying to maintain the basic shape as you go.  This should make the berry more dense.  Check the density of your strawberry after this step.  Make sure it is firm and that if you squeeze it, it maintains its basic shape.  If this is confusing check out my tutorial on checking for density.

tutorial on needle felting a strawberry

Up next, is the green strawberry leaves.  Create a paper star shaped template that will fit right over the top of the strawberry.  Pin it directly to the top of the strawberry through the center of the star.  Next pin each star tip down.  Make sure the straight pins are pointing straight down rather than towards the center of the berry.  Grab a felting pen now, if you have one, it will be useful in the next step!

how to needle felt a strawberry

Grab a small piece of green wool and stretch it into a thin line by grabbing one side with each hand and slowly pulling.

tutorial on felting play food strawberries

Now follow along the edge of the star template and needle felt this thin green piece along its entire edge.  If you run out of wool before you have traced the template, simply pull another thin piece and continue.  Needle felt slowly and carefully for this part being cautious of the straight pins.

making a needle felt strawberry

Now we have an outline of the leaves.  Just fill this outline in with green wool as if you were coloring.

how to needle felt strawberries

Time to add the seeds.  Grab a very small piece of yellow, roll it into a ball between your fingers, and place it on your felting needle.  Place your felting needle where you would like your seeds to be and go in and out in the same spot to create a tiny felted seed.  Add as many as you feel comfortable with.  If you would like a face, leave part of one side seedless!

tutorial on felting strawberries

Next, add a small brown circle to the center of the leaf star to represent the area the strawberry was plucked from the plant.

tutorial on felting play food strawberries

Now it is time to needle felt the adorable face onto the berry.  If you need help with this step, simply follow my tutorial on creating faces.  After adding the face, grab a smaller felting needle(a larger number) and needle felt the entirety of the berry.  This will smooth out any indentations and pull those loose tufts to the surface.

tutorial on felting play food strawberries

Now the felted strawberry is complete!  One strawberry will take around 1 to 1.5 hours to create.  The one that I used for this tutorial is on the left.  I couldn’t just make one strawberry; they are simply so cute and sweet that I needed at least a pair of them.

strawberry with a face needle felted

Hopefully you were able to easily follow this tutorial; if you have any questions, feel free to comment.  Also, check out my other needle felting tutorials if you haven’t gotten your fill of cuteness yet!

all natural needle felted strawberry toys

Needle Felted Play Food

A few week back, I mentioned my ever-growing interest in making needle felted play food.  Today, I’m sharing my play food collection so far.  Here they are all happy and cuddled together in a crystal bowl.  My felted play foods deserve the best, after all!

handmade felt play food

Felting these fruits and vegetables has been so much fun and I still have a lot more ideas.  Recently, I have planted a watermelon seed in my garden and it has just germinated.  In honor of the delicious, sweet, juicy mess that is yet to come, I will felt a happy watermelon next!

If you’ve been following along, you have probably seen a couple of these already.  However, I think the pair of cherries is brand new.  Feel free to share your handmade play food!

needle felted happy pear

Needle Felting Tutorial on Faces

Needle felting faces is my favorite part of the felting process; it really brings the felted project to life.  This tutorial focuses primarily on needle felting basic yet animated faces.  The adorable pear below will be used to demonstrate this process!
needle felted happy pear
Before I add a face of any kind, I basically have completed the entire felted project minus the all important face.  As you can see this pear is already shaped and colored; you cannot necessarily see this, but the pear is also densely felted before I add the face.  Adding a face on a soft felted project will result in the eyes, nose, or mouth being indented.  This indentation could misshapen your final product!

After the colors and shapes of the product are as desired, it is time to add that face!  Sometimes, before I add a face I think my felted project is not going so well.  After all, a face really animates the overall feltie.  But waiting til the end, really is the best.  So here we go.

Place straight pins where you would like the eyes, cheeks, nose, or mouth to go.  If you have made a sketch of your desired product, refer to it at this point.  If not, simply rearrange the straight pins until the positions of the major facial features seems correct.  I have placed a needle for the eyes and cheeks.  The mouth will be minimal and straight pins will be a distraction to me around the mouth, so I have left the mouth undesignated at this point!
how to make a needle felt face
Let’s start on those eyes.  Grab two small and equal amounts of your eye color.  Roll each of these tufts into a small ball between your fingers.  Remove the straight pin, slide the tuft of wool onto the middle of the straight pin and place it back on the chosen area of your felted project.   Next begin felting the eye shape.  My eye is black and circular.  To felt this shape I choose a distance away from the center of the straight pin and maintain that distance as I felt circularly around the straight pin.  Once the eye shape is weakly established, I remove the straight pin and needle felt the entire eye until it is even.
needle felting basic eyes
To highlight the eye or add pupils, grab two smaller tufts of wool in the color of choice.  Roll the tuft into a ball and place this tufty ball onto your felting needle.
how to needle felt a face
Next position the tip of the needle where you are adding your highlight or pupil and go in and out in the exact same point on your project.  This will focus that tiny tuft of wool into one small area.
how to needle felt eye
My pear just happens to be a blushing pear and therefore needs pink little cheeks.  The cheeks are created the exact same way that the circular eyes were created two steps ago.  Place the wool tuft with the straight pin, needle felt circularly around the pin to create the border for the cheek, remove the straight pin, and felt until even!
tutorial on needle felting faces
To create the smile on the pear, I grabbed a very thin piece of wool and stretched it into a thin line.  I then placed one end of the wool onto the far right side of the mouth and used my felting needle to tack down the line of wool as I progressed to the left side.  Afterwards, I grabbed another small tuft of wool, stretched it into a thin line and felted it over this guideline to get a smooth, finished look!
needle felting faces tutorial
My happy, blushing pear is now complete!  This is a very basic face, but sometimes Less is indeed More.  I will share a more complicated version of facial features in a future post.  If you have any questions, please ask!

handmade play food, needle felt pear