Wishing Everyone a Happy Spring with Felted Birds

Today is the official beginning of Spring!  The spring equinox happened while I was sleeping.  It is bright, sunny, and very warm outside;  I just love spring!

I’ve been taking advantage of the mostly mild weather here and have been gardening with my children all week.  After disturbing the soil and returning indoors, I peek out the window to see the robins flock towards the disturbed rough dirt to peck at the scurrying insects!  I suppose that is what inspired this little felted robin in a baby blue egg shell. The American Robin is actually not a robin at all.  It was named after the European Robin that has a similarly red-colored belly.  The robin I’ve seen throughout my whole life, is actually a member of the thrush family!  I thought I’d throw in a little education along with my cute felted bird!

needle felt bird for Easter

Here are just a few more of my felted spring birds.  The baby chick is actually posing amongst chickweed.  And chickens eat chickweed, hence the name.  It is one of the first plants to take over my yard this time of year
and it’s edible as well.  I don’t even have to yell at my kids for putting it in their mouth!

handmade Easter chick toy

The felted hen with chick are sitting in front of some massive wheat grass.  I know you can’t see it in the photo, but that wheat grass is out of control.  I grind wheat sometimes for homemade bread, and I tossed a handful of wheat berries on my lawn and they took off like crazy.  I have these tall bright green patches amongst an otherwise desolate lawn!

needle felt birds for Easter
I’m pretty much just chatting at this point.  So I guess I will end with a “Happy Spring Everyone”!!!!!

needle felted red baby bird

Customizable Needle Felted Baby Bird Toys!

I’m so happy to share my needle felted toys of the week–  five little baby birds in a nest/egg!  These colorful felt creations were designed and built for my adorable children.  The color of each bird represents his/her favorite color.  My youngest is copycatting her sibling by choosing yellow; therefore, two yellow birds!
handmade easter toys
These were seriously fun to make and I just loved adding those small personal details to each bird and egg/nest!  Customizable birds turned out to be a great challenge and the creative process for these guys was so addictive.  I literally couldn’t stop and felted an extra bird!  For the super girly girl, I gave the little bird pink heart feet and a little bow!  For the boy, all blue with his first initial on the nest.

needle felted birds, chicks

handmade needle felted bird's nest

Each bird comes with an egg or nest to rest upon.  And for the youngest children I color coded the shape and color of the feet to match the shape and color of the symbol on their nests!  This is to avoid the “mine, mine” fights which are bound to break out without such forethought!

wet and needle felted eggs and nests toys

The birds look fantastic all together, but separately my favorite is this little red one below!  The blue eyes simply pop against that vibrant red.  These toys were for meant for Spring, but they would make fantastic Easter toys as well.  They would look so cute placed upon bright green Easter grass!

needle felted red baby bird

Just a few more days til Spring!

My Felted Toys for Springtime

I’ve been needle felting like mad the last few days.  I’ve been cooped up inside all winter and needle felting has really helped me pass the time during the cold days and nights, but enough is enough!  I broke down this week and started dreaming sweet “spring dreams”.  Here are my “spring dreams” brought to life. . . an  unbelievably sweet brown rabbit, a plump white bunny, and a yellow chick in a soft nest.
2 needle felted rabbits and a chick in a nest
Yes, I know the spring equinox is a month away, but I am so excited for the warm sunny mornings and the little delicate blooms on the trees and lawns.  Hopefully trips to the park with the children and swinging and hiking will soon follow!
felted bunnies, rabbits, and chick
I suppose I must deal with the cold nights a little while longer, but a month is a very close thing and hopefully my cheery little felt creations can brighten up and warm your day!

needle felt spring toys