Needle Felting Tutorial: A Jack-O-Lantern Bowl

Halloween is creeping up and I made a cute little jack-o-lantern candy bowl in celebration.  This tutorial will step you through the process so that you can make one of your very own.  This is a very easy beginner project and the actual “needle felting” only takes about 30 minutes or less.

needle felt jack o'lantern candy bowl

You will need:

spare roving/batting in any color
black and orange wool roving/batting
felting needles
felting foam or felting brush
old panty hose
plastic wrap
rubber band
exacto knife

You will need a wet felted ball to begin this project.  The ball is not part of the finished project, so just use some spare wool roving and follow my tutorial on wet felting balls.

Wrap the felted ball in plastic wrap and place a rubber band around it.  Grab the orange roving and generously wrap it around the prepared felted ball.  Stuff it in an old pair of panty hose and tie it off.  Wash it in the washing machine with your next hot load.  Dry as usual, then wash and dry once more.

how to needle felt a jack o'lantern candy bowl

Remove the ball from the panty hose.  Using an exacto knife cut around the top of the ball.  Now, remove the ball and you will have an orange felt bowl.  To finish the top edge: either needle felt the edge or place the ball and bowl back together, stuff in the pantyhose and wash and dry again!

needle felting a jack o'lantern bowl

Next draw a jack-o-lantern face that will fit the front of the bowl.  Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth  to create paper templates.  Wrap the felted ball, used to create the bowl, with a piece of paper and place it inside the felted bowl.  Then pin the templates in place.  Stretch a small piece of black wool roving into a thin tuft.  Take the black thin tuft and needle felt around the templates.  Once you have traced the entire face with black roving, needle felt inside the traced lines to complete the jack-o-lantern face.

how to felt a jack o'lantern bowl

Now the miniature jack-o-lantern bowl is complete.  It looks so adorable filled to the brim with small colorful Halloween candy.  It would be a great surprise afterschool snack for the kiddos.  I’ve set it next to my desk for whenever a sweet tooth hits me!  Enjoy this project and if you have any questions feel free to ask.  Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween needle felted jack o'lantern candy bowl


Felted Fall Pumpkin turned Jack-O-Lantern!

Last post, I showed everyone my little fall felt pumpkin.  Today, I will show you that same pumpkin with a “scary face”!  Get ready! Hide the children!  This is one monstrous jack-o-lantern!

Felt Jack-O-Lantern

Alright, alright, he is actually not very scary at all. Doing this felted project brought back some cherished childhood memories.  Sitting at the table, assigned the task of drawing a scary jack-o-lantern face knowing that the scariest will win.  I was one of four kids and my chances were pretty low that my spooky drawing would win; throw in my dad’s drawings and I was sure to lose!  My dad could create the scariest jack-o-lantern faces.  And while he might would “use” my eyes, or nose as inspiration on the finished jack-o-lantern; everyone knew that it was my dad’s drawing on that pumpkin!  Perhaps I should have consulted him before felting my version of a “scary” jack-o-lantern, because after all these years I still can’t compare.

Felt Jack-O-Lantern
I made his eyes, nose, and mouth yellow to resemble that inner glow that all jack-o-lanterns seem to contain!  And he actually looks rather friendly, like a young child who has lost a few teeth!  Not intimidating at all.  But I love cutesy, so he will do just fine for me!  I hope you all were inspired to create “spooky” or “cutesy” Halloween decorations of your very own.