Attaching a Ribbon Hanger to a Felted Ornament

Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to add ribbon, string, or yarn to a needle felted ornament.  Afterall, everyone needs a way to hang their handmade ornaments on the tree!  I use two different methods to accomplish this task and today I will show you step by step how to do my “tab” method.  The “tab” method allows you to change up your ribbon from time to time.  That way if the ribbon gets dingy or a new pretty ribbon at the craft store catches your eye, you can freshen up your old and beloved felted ornaments.
needle felt tree ornament
I start by wet felting a ball.  You can use my tutorial on the washing machine method, if you would like to save some time.  If I have plans to make a few ornaments, I wet felt a handful of balls at one go!

Now, that we have a felted ball for an ornament blank, we can begin!  Grab a tuft of wool in the main color that will be used.  Lay the tuft flat.  Starting from one end, roll the tuft up into a soft log.  Then needle felt the log, turning as you go to maintain roundness.  Be sure to felt only the middle of the log and leave both ends unfelted.

how to attach hanger to felted ornament

To attach the log to the blank ball, simply spread out one of the unfelted ends and felt it onto the ball.  Then do the same thing with the other unfelted end.  Now the felted log has become a tab which can be used to attach ribbons and such.

attaching ribbon to a needle felted Christmas ornament

Once the tab is firmly attached, wrap the blank ornament with the main color and felt it into place.  Attach a decorative ribbon and your ornament is ready to go!

how to add a ribbon to a felted Christmas ornament

I was inclined to add a bit of adornment to the front of my ornament.  These ornaments are relatively quick and easy to make.  And handmade ornaments add so much charm to an otherwise “commercial” time of year.  So get creative and get felting!

Needle Felt Ornament with Star Pattern

I will shortly have a follow up tutorial on an alternate way to add a decorative hanger to your felted ornaments.  So check back in a few days, if you are interested.