Tutorial on Needle Felted Gingerbread Man

This is a great tutorial for beginner needle felters and the end product, an adorable gingerbread man, would look so sweet on a sparkling tree!  This felted gingerbread man was so quick and fun to make;  he will take about 2 hours to complete.  The great thing about this project is that  imagination can run wild and every gingerbread man or woman can be unique.

needle felted christmas ornament


Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter
Felting Foam/Brush
Felting Needles
Wool Roving/Batting
Embroidery Thread and Needle
Ribbon and Yarn Needle

Ready, Set, Go!

First, set a paper on top of your working surface(the felting foam or brush).  And place the cookie cutter on top.  Then pull off pieces of wool and lay inside of the cookie cutter.  Pay close attention to the corners.  Keep adding wool until it fills the entire cookie cutter to the brim!

how to felt a gingerbread man decoration

Needle felt, with a large needle, inside the cookie cutter until the wool is laying flat.  Then peel the gingerbread man off and flip him over.

using a cookie cutter to needle felt Christmas Ornaments

Place the felted gingerbread man inside the cookie cutter and needle felt the other side.  Use a single felting needle for the very edges; be careful not to break the fragile felting needle on the metal edges.  Go slowly!

using cookie cutters as felted ornament templates

Using a smaller needle, a larger number, needle felt the gingerbread man again.  Flip him over as before and needle felt the opposite side.

How to needle felt using cookie cutters as patterns

Size down felting needles again, an even larger number, and needle felt the front and back of the felted gingerbread man.

The gingerbread man should be firm and maintain its shape at this point.  Make 2 gingerbread men in this fashion.  Then needle felt the face and little details as desired.

Needle Felting Gingerbread Man Ornaments

The reason for the two gingerbread men now becomes apparent.  The gingerbread man with the face is messy on the backside.  To hide this simply make a gingerbread man sandwich and blanket stitch around them.

How to Felt a Gingerbread Man

The final step is adding a ribbon to hang it with.  This step can be omitted if desired.  With a ribbon it’s an ornament and without the ribbon it’s holiday play food.  Win, Win!!!

Using Cookie Cutters as Felting Templates

This is a fun way to practice needle felting.  Try using different cookie cutters that you have around the kitchen.  A heart ornament, a Santa ornament, a snowman . . . .  Just imagine your holiday cookies in felted form!

Needle Felt Happy Gingerbread Man

Happy Holidays.


Needle Felting Tutorial, A Sparkly Tree Ornament

Needle Felt Ornament with Stars

Today’s needle felting tutorial involves a little bit of sparkle!  Felted ornaments don’t typically add much glimmer to the tree and I came up with an easy felted design that will add just the right amount of “twinkle”!  It would be fun to make a set of these in a few different colors.  Each ornament takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to create.

needle felt Christmas Decorations

Let’s Begin:

Begin by attaching a ribbon hanger to a felted ball and then needle felt the chosen colored wool onto the top half of the ball.  I have two previous tutorials that will walk you through the felted ball and ribbon hanger steps!

How to Needle Felt a Christmas Ornament

Now, it is time to create the stars.  These stars will be felted onto the top, colored portion of the ornament!  Grab a small tuft of white wool roving.  Stretch it between your fingers, so that a thin strand is formed.  Needle felt 5 thin strands, one line at a time, to create a star.  Just “draw” it as if you would on paper!  Then needle felt inside the “drawn” star so that it is “colored” all in.  Create as many stars as you like, in slightly different sizes.

Tutorial for Christmas Decoration

It’s time to add some SPARKLE!!!  I used tiny metallic, jewelry beads and some sparkly, silver embroidery thread.

How to needle felt a decorative ornament

Attach the beads, somewhat randomly, across the top portion of the ornament.  To do this, simply insert the threaded needle into the uncolored portion of the ball and up through the colored top half.  String a bead onto the needle, insert the needle next to the bead, and push the needle out into the unfinished portion again.  Tie a knot and repeat. Using the unfinished side of the ornament this way allows the knots of the embroidery thread to be felted over and hidden forever!

Handmade Felt Ornament

The next step is embroidering a silver “drawn” star over the felted white stars.  This is a bit tricky to put into words, but the pictures should help out a lot!  Basically, start the needle in the unfinished portion of the ball again and pull it out at the very tip of one of the stars.  Then begin to “draw” the silver, sparkly star with the embroidery thread.  Again, finish off the thread on the unfinished portion and tie a knot.

How to Felt a Christmas Ball

Finally, needle felt color onto the bottom portion of the ornament.  A clover pen will make a bit quicker work out of this.  Use care when felting over the knots!

How to Felt a Christmas Ornament

The ornament is complete.  This design is so easy to be creative with.  Yellow stars on a red ball with gold beads and embroidery thread?  Different colored stars on a white ornament, and multicolored beads?  The very best thing about these ornaments is that they are virtually unbreakable, unless a dog or cat is prowling underneath the tree!  They are great for small toddlers to hang and are guaranteed to not crush into small bits in their sticky hands.

Needle Felt Tree Ornaments

Happy Holidays!!!

Adding a Ribbon Hanger to a Felted Ornament

Last post, I demonstrated how to attach a ribbon hanger to felted ornaments using my “tab” method.  This tutorial is a follow-up and offers an alternate way to attach ribbon hangers to felted ornaments using my “hidden” method.  I prefer this method myself; there are no extra felted shapes to attach and the knot holding the ribbon hanger in place remains hidden and out of the way.  Therefore, allowing only the ornament, itself, to be on display!

The blue ornament below has a small, cute bow on top.  And the purple ornament has a simple loop.  Both of these looks are achieved using my “hidden” method with very slight alterations between the two.

needle felt ornament balls

For both looks, the first step involves hollowing out a small hole on the underside of a felted ball.  This is achieved with a small pair of scissors.

how to add a ribbon hanger to felted Christmas Ornaments

First,  I will demonstrate how to achieve the “simple loop” look and last I will demonstrate the “cute bow” look.

The “Simple Loop” Ribbon Hanger

Thread a decorative ribbon on a large yarn needle.  Push the yarn needle into your felted ball through the hole in the bottom.  Then, pull the yarn needle through the top, center of the felted ball.  If the ribbon offers resistance, grab a pair of pliers for some extra force.  Now the felted ball should have the ribbon going straight through it.

how to add a ribbon hanger to a felted ornament

Next, push the yarn needle through the top of the ball and pull it out through the bottom.  Both ends should be on the underside of the felted ball and a loop should be on the top.  Tie a knot with the ends of the ribbon.

Needle Felted Ornament Tutorial

Almost Done!  Simply trim the ends of the knot, and pull the knot firmly inside the hole.  Now the simple loop hanger is complete.  The only thing left to do is use some imagination and decorate the ornament!  Use care while felting over the “hidden” knot; you do not want to carelessly break your fragile felting needle.

Needle Felting Ornament Tutorial

The “Cute Bow” Ribbon Hanger

Thread a decorative ribbon on a large yarn needle.  Push the yarn needle into your felted ball through the top, center of the felted ball.  Pull the yarn needle out through the hole in the bottom.  If the ribbon offers resistance, use the pliers once again! Then push the yarn needle up through the bottom hole and pull the yarn needle out of the top, center of the ball.

Adding a Ribbon Hanger to Felted Ornament

Now the ribbon loop is on the bottom, and the two ribbon ends are on the top.  Pull both ends, so that the loop becomes embedded in the bottom hole.  Make sure that the ribbon ends are even, then tie a cute bow leaving enough space between the ball and the bow to create a “hanger”.  The final step is decorating your ornament.  Once again, be careful while felting over the “hidden” loop!

How to Add Ribbon Hanger to felted ornament

Now it’s time to get busy creating your felt ornaments.  Happy Felting!

Needle Felt Ornaments

Attaching a Ribbon Hanger to a Felted Ornament

Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to add ribbon, string, or yarn to a needle felted ornament.  Afterall, everyone needs a way to hang their handmade ornaments on the tree!  I use two different methods to accomplish this task and today I will show you step by step how to do my “tab” method.  The “tab” method allows you to change up your ribbon from time to time.  That way if the ribbon gets dingy or a new pretty ribbon at the craft store catches your eye, you can freshen up your old and beloved felted ornaments.
needle felt tree ornament
I start by wet felting a ball.  You can use my tutorial on the washing machine method, if you would like to save some time.  If I have plans to make a few ornaments, I wet felt a handful of balls at one go!

Now, that we have a felted ball for an ornament blank, we can begin!  Grab a tuft of wool in the main color that will be used.  Lay the tuft flat.  Starting from one end, roll the tuft up into a soft log.  Then needle felt the log, turning as you go to maintain roundness.  Be sure to felt only the middle of the log and leave both ends unfelted.

how to attach hanger to felted ornament

To attach the log to the blank ball, simply spread out one of the unfelted ends and felt it onto the ball.  Then do the same thing with the other unfelted end.  Now the felted log has become a tab which can be used to attach ribbons and such.

attaching ribbon to a needle felted Christmas ornament

Once the tab is firmly attached, wrap the blank ornament with the main color and felt it into place.  Attach a decorative ribbon and your ornament is ready to go!

how to add a ribbon to a felted Christmas ornament

I was inclined to add a bit of adornment to the front of my ornament.  These ornaments are relatively quick and easy to make.  And handmade ornaments add so much charm to an otherwise “commercial” time of year.  So get creative and get felting!

Needle Felt Ornament with Star Pattern

I will shortly have a follow up tutorial on an alternate way to add a decorative hanger to your felted ornaments.  So check back in a few days, if you are interested.