Tis the Season . . . For a Felted Christmas Tree!

So, I decided to make another addition to my felted ornaments.  It is a felted Christmas tree.  I felted a very basic cone shape; covered it in green roving and added some colorful bits of wool for balls.  I love the simplicity of this little one.  In the photo below, I have added a ribbon to hang it with.  It looks quite adorable between the twinkling lights.
Felted Christmas Decoration
If however, you find it odd to put a tree ornament on a tree(which I do find a bit odd myself), it works really well as a Christmas tree for your little one’s dolls.  Kids love anticipating Christmas morning and what better way to feed that excitement than with an adorable felted tree to brighten up their dolls day!  Even better, make a felt present to set up under their toy tree; that would be so cute.  The little dolls in the photo below belong to my six year old; they are tiny, tiny dolls called Squinkies.  They did an amazing job posing with their new tree!

Miniature Toy Christmas Tree