Needle Felting Tutorial, A Sparkly Tree Ornament

Needle Felt Ornament with Stars

Today’s needle felting tutorial involves a little bit of sparkle!  Felted ornaments don’t typically add much glimmer to the tree and I came up with an easy felted design that will add just the right amount of “twinkle”!  It would be fun to make a set of these in a few different colors.  Each ornament takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to create.

needle felt Christmas Decorations

Let’s Begin:

Begin by attaching a ribbon hanger to a felted ball and then needle felt the chosen colored wool onto the top half of the ball.  I have two previous tutorials that will walk you through the felted ball and ribbon hanger steps!

How to Needle Felt a Christmas Ornament

Now, it is time to create the stars.  These stars will be felted onto the top, colored portion of the ornament!  Grab a small tuft of white wool roving.  Stretch it between your fingers, so that a thin strand is formed.  Needle felt 5 thin strands, one line at a time, to create a star.  Just “draw” it as if you would on paper!  Then needle felt inside the “drawn” star so that it is “colored” all in.  Create as many stars as you like, in slightly different sizes.

Tutorial for Christmas Decoration

It’s time to add some SPARKLE!!!  I used tiny metallic, jewelry beads and some sparkly, silver embroidery thread.

How to needle felt a decorative ornament

Attach the beads, somewhat randomly, across the top portion of the ornament.  To do this, simply insert the threaded needle into the uncolored portion of the ball and up through the colored top half.  String a bead onto the needle, insert the needle next to the bead, and push the needle out into the unfinished portion again.  Tie a knot and repeat. Using the unfinished side of the ornament this way allows the knots of the embroidery thread to be felted over and hidden forever!

Handmade Felt Ornament

The next step is embroidering a silver “drawn” star over the felted white stars.  This is a bit tricky to put into words, but the pictures should help out a lot!  Basically, start the needle in the unfinished portion of the ball again and pull it out at the very tip of one of the stars.  Then begin to “draw” the silver, sparkly star with the embroidery thread.  Again, finish off the thread on the unfinished portion and tie a knot.

How to Felt a Christmas Ball

Finally, needle felt color onto the bottom portion of the ornament.  A clover pen will make a bit quicker work out of this.  Use care when felting over the knots!

How to Felt a Christmas Ornament

The ornament is complete.  This design is so easy to be creative with.  Yellow stars on a red ball with gold beads and embroidery thread?  Different colored stars on a white ornament, and multicolored beads?  The very best thing about these ornaments is that they are virtually unbreakable, unless a dog or cat is prowling underneath the tree!  They are great for small toddlers to hang and are guaranteed to not crush into small bits in their sticky hands.

Needle Felt Tree Ornaments

Happy Holidays!!!


Attaching a Ribbon Hanger to a Felted Ornament

Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to add ribbon, string, or yarn to a needle felted ornament.  Afterall, everyone needs a way to hang their handmade ornaments on the tree!  I use two different methods to accomplish this task and today I will show you step by step how to do my “tab” method.  The “tab” method allows you to change up your ribbon from time to time.  That way if the ribbon gets dingy or a new pretty ribbon at the craft store catches your eye, you can freshen up your old and beloved felted ornaments.
needle felt tree ornament
I start by wet felting a ball.  You can use my tutorial on the washing machine method, if you would like to save some time.  If I have plans to make a few ornaments, I wet felt a handful of balls at one go!

Now, that we have a felted ball for an ornament blank, we can begin!  Grab a tuft of wool in the main color that will be used.  Lay the tuft flat.  Starting from one end, roll the tuft up into a soft log.  Then needle felt the log, turning as you go to maintain roundness.  Be sure to felt only the middle of the log and leave both ends unfelted.

how to attach hanger to felted ornament

To attach the log to the blank ball, simply spread out one of the unfelted ends and felt it onto the ball.  Then do the same thing with the other unfelted end.  Now the felted log has become a tab which can be used to attach ribbons and such.

attaching ribbon to a needle felted Christmas ornament

Once the tab is firmly attached, wrap the blank ornament with the main color and felt it into place.  Attach a decorative ribbon and your ornament is ready to go!

how to add a ribbon to a felted Christmas ornament

I was inclined to add a bit of adornment to the front of my ornament.  These ornaments are relatively quick and easy to make.  And handmade ornaments add so much charm to an otherwise “commercial” time of year.  So get creative and get felting!

Needle Felt Ornament with Star Pattern

I will shortly have a follow up tutorial on an alternate way to add a decorative hanger to your felted ornaments.  So check back in a few days, if you are interested.

Goodbye Holidays . . . Hello New Year!

The big winter holidays have now ended.  All that is left are soon to be faded memories and maybe some handmade ornaments that you can save and add to your tree next year!  This is my batch of ornaments that I am going to store for the following 11 months.   They were a blast to make and really easy.  Hopefully, some other people out there also made some handmade goodies that will be cherished year after year.  Happy New Year.
Felt Christmas Decorations`

Felted Christmas ornaments
Each one of this felted ornaments were previously posted about with full vivid color.  Feel free to check them out in their original form.  And don’t forget that just about any small cute felted toy can easily be transformed into an ornament with a string, some ribbon, yarn, or a metal hook.  Once again, Happy New Year.  I will be back shortly with a felted toy bird that is already in progress.  Until next time . . .

Personalize it for your Little Ones . . . Felted Ornaments!

Last post, I introduced my first felted Christmas ornament; today I am sharing my 2nd.  I love the fact that felt ornaments are unbreakable and don’t have the metal hook that typical ball ornaments have.  Because they are so kid friendly compared to most store bought balls, I decided to make one specifically to commemorate my child and her age this upcoming holiday season!
felted christmas ball
On the front of the ornament is her name “Chloe” and on the back is her age “2”.  She can hang this ornament up all by herself, year after year, with no worries of her breaking it or hurting herself.  She is quite adventurous and I constantly wonder what trouble she is getting into.  Now, with soft balls on the base of the tree, and no metal hooks falling off onto the ground, I only have to worry about her pulling the lights out of the wall, or pulling the tree down!  Much lighter load to worry about, huh?  Well, I guess there is no way to remove the innate dangers of this sparkly holiday, but at least I can make it a tiny bit safer for the little ones around.
felted christmas ornament
And this ornament can double as a toy ball; so when everyone is hanging ornaments and the little one won’t stop getting underfoot, just play a game of fetch with her ornament until it’s her turn!  Genius!

I tried to get some decent shots of the ornament, but once it touched Chloe’s sticky hands there was no getting it back!  Here she is smelling it!  I told her to hold it close to her face while I took a picture and this is what I got.  Toddler photography is impossible!  Stay tuned for more holiday ornaments and felt toys.

Chloe with her personalized Christmas Ball