I have been making different types of toys for years now.  I have tried my hand at knitting stuffed animals, crocheting amigurumi, and sewing dolls.  However, I have found none of those mediums as fulfilling as wool.  Needle felting is not a common word for most people out there and when I finally stumbled upon this craft I really took to the organic feel of needle felting.  When I started on my first felt projects I found advice hard to come by, so one aspect of this website is to answer the questions that I have had along the way. It took some research to answer my questions but mostly experience and practice and many mistakes.  So whether you are learning and practicing the needle felting craft or if you simply want to view a historic craft being maintained in our modern world, I’m here for you! I would love to hear from anyone interested in what I’m doing.  Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two.  This ancient artform is beautiful and worth preserving, hopefully I inspire more people to continue this tradition.


3 comments on “About

  1. Hi
    I am new to needle felting and I am waiting for my starter kit to arrive. I am surfing and researching to get more familiar with the craft. I love your projects and would be delighted if I can produce something to be proud of in the future.
    My question would be to ask how you keep your needles stored and safe?
    Thank you for your inspirational website.

  2. Hello Amanda!
    I just started needle felting and stumbled over your homepage. I love the stuff you do and I found a lot of inspiration for new projects. I love your tutorials! So detailed and easy to follow. It is kind of you to share your skills with everyone.
    Just wanted to say Thanks! and keep up your great work!

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