Disney Trip=Felted Toy Tiger!

My newest felted creation is a toy tiger ball.  I just love making simple felted animals like this one.  They are quick and easy to make and have such character!

Needle Felted Ball Shaped Tiger with Tail

This felted toy was inspired by my recent family vacation to DisneyWorld.  We had the opportunity at Animal Kingdom to catch a glympse of this majestic tiger and I decided to reinterpret that majesty into cuteness!  And a little tidbit for those planning a trip to Disney,  Animal Kingdom is one of the best parks there!  I just love the combination of zoo and theme park!

Real Tiger and Toy Felt Tiger

My 5 year old daughter is absolutely in love with anything “Mickey”.  So I had to include her silly grins, smiles, and happy poses.  She insisted on wearing “Minnie Ears”  everyday that we were there.  The cuteness was overwhelming!

My 5 Year Old at DisneyWorld

Now that we’ve returned, I realize that the holidays are right around the corner.  Today I am preparing new colors of wool to complement the holiday theme and I will be purchasing a few ribbons and such;  all so that,  I can begin making some felted Christmas ornaments.  When I was young, I created ornament after ornament for my mother on Christmas break.  She always seemed excited to add a handmade ornament to the tree.  A mother’s love is truly neverending.    And don’t worry, this year, I will share a few ornament tutorials with everyone!


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