Needle Felting Posts will Return By Late August!

I just wanted to let my loyal followers know that I will be taking a break from needle felting until mid to late August.  At that point, I will be returning with some tutorials and posts per usual!
happy felted apple
Let me explain myself:  I am a mother to five children and I have been homeschooling them for about 7 years.  This year,  4 of my cuties will be entering the world of public school.  So for the past month and the following month I am preparing them for the transition.  I have truly loved having my children around me and I will miss them greatly.  But when your adorable six year old insists she wants to go to SCHOOL, well you easily cave to her wishes!  Well, at least I do. So, I will be working hard with reading, math, and back to school paperwork and shopping until August!  See you then.