Measuring Wool for Wet Felted Balls

I am preparing for a felting project I have planned later in the week and I needed five same sized wet felted balls.  Usually I weigh out my wool using my digital scale in order to achieve this; however, my digital scale broke and I didn’t have the time to run out and purchase a new one.  Therefore, I came up with a cheap and readily available alternative(at least readily available to me).

I homeschool my children and have collected a mass of educational materials and one of these just happened to be a bright green balance scale.  Perfect!  I weighed out my wool by choosing 4 pennies to counter balance the scale.  Turns out a penny is a little less than a tenth of an ounce.  Who knew?  I managed to prepare for my felting project and at the same time squeeze in a little measuring lesson.

I didn’t prepare to document this part of the felting process, but the plastic children’s scale atop the crayon-colored, kid destroyed table made me giggle and I grabbed out my camera!  These balance scales can’t get an exact measurement, but they can roughly weigh out similar amounts.  Which turned out to be a perfect tool for making sure my wet felted balls were all roughly the same size!  During my next post, I will share the finished project that I plan to create with these 5 wet felted balls.

weighing wool roving to create equal sized wet felted balls


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