tutorial on felting leaves

24 Carrot Gold Tutorial on Felting Leaves

This felting tutorial is all about taking a flat felted rectangle of felt and cutting useful shapes out of it. I will be using the carrot top of my adorably animated carrot to demonstrate the usefulness of this technique.

happy play food carrot

I needed a handful of felted leaves to sit atop my carrot and while I had needle felted leaves before, they were basic oblong leaves. I had never needle felted intricate leaves with the stem included. I needed a leaf that was a little wavy on the edges and with a stem sturdy enough to make the leaves stand up rather than flop over(the way an apple leaf does).

I decided I would needle felt the leaf with stem included. What I did first was felt a small(1.5 in by 2 in) flat rectangle. Being it was such a small piece I needle felted it flat rather than wet felting it. I find the Clover brush works very well for small flat needle felted pieces.

how to cut flat needle felted pieces

Next I drew up a few leaf templates. Carrot leaves are very lacy; I simply alluded to a carrot leaf with a few wavy bits on my templates. Next I cut out my paper templates and pinned them to my flat felt rectangle.

cutting leaves out of felt

Then I cut around the paper leaf templates. This is what I got.

leaves cut out of felted wool

The problem with cutting felted pieces is that the edges become weak and vulnerable. Plus they appear unfinished. Yes you can needle felt the edges a bit, but they would still be the first to develop unwanted loose wooly bits in the future. My solution was to blanket stitch around the whole cut felted leaf and stem with some matching green embroidery thread. This would reinforce the edges. Also while blanket stitching I pulled my stitch rather tight to help achieve the wavy edges I was wanting.

Here is my carrot with the flat felted, cut, blanket stitched leafy top. The felted stem is stiff enough that the leaves don’t flop all the way over. I think it is super cute.

handmade needle felted carrot play food

And if that isn’t cute enough, I added an animated little face to my needle felt carrot toy. If you are interested in how I needle felt my adorable faces just check out my tutorial.

needle felt carrot with face

I hope that this tutorial helped you with your needle felting projects or gave you some insight into future project possibilities. Feel free to share your felted creations with me; I love to see how individuals can use the same tools and materials and create a truly unique item. And if  you need more needle felting help or ideas, check out my other felting tutorials!


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