Using Sheep Wool in the Garden!

felt water retention

Maintaining a Well Hydrated Plant Can be Easy and Fun Too!


It’s spring time and as a result gardening has completely taken over around here!  While researching wool a few months back, I came across the idea of using sheep wool in the garden.  I decided being I have a few pounds of wool in my closet that I would give it a shot.

From what I can remember, the usefulness of wool in the garden is water retention and the slow release of nitrogen into the soil!

Amethyst in Snow Bachelor's Button

Amethyst in Snow Bachelor’s Button

Strawberry Plant


My soil is very low quality and it’s tricky to grow anything except the most heat and drought tolerant plants; so I really hope that the wool coupled with excessive mulching will help!    I have five large pots that my children “intricately” painted and they are always the first to dry up.  I put rocks in the bottom of the pot and a layer of wool on top of that and then I topped it off with some gardening soil.  Once the seedlings germinate, I will add some mulch as well.

painted flower pot

My Two Year Old’s Handiwork!

painted gardening containers

Painting By Children Age 2-11

I also purchased a few plants from the nursery.  While planting them, I included a tuft of wool at the base, near the roots, and then covered the wool and roots with soil.  The only problem I have faced so far is the roaming neighborhood dogs!  Dogs go crazy over the smell of wool; and I suppose one of the dogs sniffed out the wool at the base of my spearmint.   It dug the wool up and left the roots of my poor plant exposed.  So be cautious, if you are not planting in a fenced in area.  Just be sure to dig pretty deep when including wool in an area exposed to dogs!



Sage Bud


Songbird Cardinal Columbine Flower

Songbird Cardinal Columbine

This is my first time using wool in my garden.  From what I’ve read, it is a common and time tested technique in Europe.  Time will tell. I will keep everyone updated about the progress in my garden!  And please comment if you have heard of or used this technique yourself!


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