My Felted Toys for Springtime

I’ve been needle felting like mad the last few days.  I’ve been cooped up inside all winter and needle felting has really helped me pass the time during the cold days and nights, but enough is enough!  I broke down this week and started dreaming sweet “spring dreams”.  Here are my “spring dreams” brought to life. . . an  unbelievably sweet brown rabbit, a plump white bunny, and a yellow chick in a soft nest.
2 needle felted rabbits and a chick in a nest
Yes, I know the spring equinox is a month away, but I am so excited for the warm sunny mornings and the little delicate blooms on the trees and lawns.  Hopefully trips to the park with the children and swinging and hiking will soon follow!
felted bunnies, rabbits, and chick
I suppose I must deal with the cold nights a little while longer, but a month is a very close thing and hopefully my cheery little felt creations can brighten up and warm your day!

needle felt spring toys


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