needle felt heart

Needle Felted Valentine’s Day Puppy!

A little while back, I mentioned I was in the process of making a cute little needle felted puppy holding a heart.  Well he is finally complete and ready to see the world!  He took me five whole hours to make and the white on black turned out to be quite the struggle.  But thank goodness he turned out so loveable!
homemade felt Valentine's Puppy
The inspiration for this little puppy came from my husband.  Every Valentine’s Day(we’ve been married 11 years) he showers me with not only candy but little stuffed animals.  Most often these little animals are holding hearts.  Thus the idea to felt a little puppy holding a heart was a very easy leap to make. Can you  see the puppy that my husband gave me in the photo(all the stuffed animals are blocking each other)?  He’s the third stuffie to the left!  If I get any more plush animals, I will need a whole new shelf!!!

My collection of Valentine's Day Plushies

My Valentine's Animals Collection
Well, I suppose that is all for now; try to see if you can make a cute little Valentine for your “Valentine”.  Until next time . . .

needle felted puppy holding a pink heart


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