Children Can Needle Felt Too!

A few days ago I sat down to needle felt a ladybug, and my eleven year old daughter asked if she could practice needle felting as well.  This was her second felting project and she decided to felt a ladybug just like me.  I think it turned out very well! Our styles seem to compliment one another.

needle felted ladybirds

When she first approached me about learning how to needle felt a few months ago, I was a bit apprehensive.  After all, the barbed needles are extremely sharp and I had pierced myself on more than one occasion.  I decided to let her try, reassuring myself that if she could manage a sewing machine that she could manage a needle moving with her own applied force!

felt ladybug toys

I am so happy that I let her try felting!  Now I’ve got a little buddy to sit with me while I felt.  I’m no longer the loner on the sofa with my big felting kit watching Y&R.  I’ve got a little friend.  As we complete different stages of our project we can share our accomplishments.  It is really fun.

felt ladybugs

I’m not sure what age is appropriate for introducing this craft; but for my daughter, at 11, it seems just right.  I would still not recommend this for any children under school age.  This should be utterly obvious, but I want to make sure everyone is as safe as possible!  Give it a try with your own children; evaluate their level of fine motor skills and decide when it’s right.  It is a rather inexpensive craft and the benefits to the child definitely outweigh the cost. I think it is a great way for children to learn that they can make something with their own two hands!

Felted Ladybugs


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