Felted Baby Bird


Here she is; the newest addition to my felting madness.  A bubblegum colored, super soft, innocent faced, baby bird.  Just look at those tiny little wings.  It looks like this one is about to take off!
a needle felt baby bird
I went a little crazy with the coloring this time.  NO, I have never seen a pink bird before!  I had this color sitting around in my color palette of felt; this pink felt was previously assigned to mouths or ears.  But, I was really drawn to this color when I sat down to create this baby bird; realistic or not, I stuck to my urge and she is quite the cutie.  Slightly off-putting, a bubblegum colored bird, but I had to let my imagination run wild.
felted baby bird
This bird toy was created as part of a future set.  The mother bird, a blue bird, was created last week.  And in the near future, I will create a lovely, cozy felted bird nest for them to lounge about in.  I guess only time will tell when I actually get that nest built; but I better hurry before this bubblegum pink bird takes flight!


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