Goodbye Holidays . . . Hello New Year!

The big winter holidays have now ended.  All that is left are soon to be faded memories and maybe some handmade ornaments that you can save and add to your tree next year!  This is my batch of ornaments that I am going to store for the following 11 months.   They were a blast to make and really easy.  Hopefully, some other people out there also made some handmade goodies that will be cherished year after year.  Happy New Year.
Felt Christmas Decorations`

Felted Christmas ornaments
Each one of this felted ornaments were previously posted about with full vivid color.  Feel free to check them out in their original form.  And don’t forget that just about any small cute felted toy can easily be transformed into an ornament with a string, some ribbon, yarn, or a metal hook.  Once again, Happy New Year.  I will be back shortly with a felted toy bird that is already in progress.  Until next time . . .


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