My Tiny Felted Mushroom Ornament . . . Too Cute!

The photos just cannot capture this cuties potential.  I’m in love with this tiny mushroom ornament/decoration.  It is so adorable and itty bitty.  I, as a mother of five, love adorable, itty bitty things!  The red and white is perfect for this time of year; and our modern celebrations possibly are historically related to the amanita mushroom.  Whether our holiday roots lead us to a pine tree with mushroom underbrush or not, this guy is a perfect addition to my holiday decorations!  Use it as a gift topper or as an ornament.
Needle Felt Mushroom
I love the amigurumi style face on this guy, simple yet cute.  I added some blush to his little cheeks; it’s amazing my blush color perfectly suits this little inanimate mushroom replica.  I used all my red wool up making this little ornament; so I’m going to have to dye my new wool stash and soon!  HOW will I fit it into the busy holiday schedule???  Stay tuned and find out if I ever get to it!
Felted Mushroom

Needle Felt Mushroom
And does anyone know the correct camera settings for taking photos near a lit Christmas tree?  It’s driving me crazy!

Felted Mushroom Ornament


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