Holiday Gift for Me . . . And a Felt Snowman!

My recent addition to my growing collection of Christmas ornaments is this miniature felted snowman.  Okay, I admit that those earmuffs look more like bear ears and it doesn’t help much that his nose is a round blue circle instead of an elegant long sweet, crunchy carrot.  However, he is still a cutie and proudly displayed on my home tree next to salt dough snowman ornaments created by my children. I so badly wanted to give him that typical carrot nose. But, alas I was out of wool and limited to my current color selection and it did not include orange.  What was I to do, give him a long pink nose?
Needle Felted Snowman
This all brings me to my next tidbit of information, my holiday gift.  I just received 4 pounds of nice wool batting that I can dye a myriad of colors!  I can have orange, black, blue, red, purple, any color I can imagine.  The company I order my wool from is clearly visible in the photo below.  It is very reasonably priced; so, if you live in the states, phone in your next order using the number below.
I’m so excited to have a complete color palette of wool to choose from for my next few projects.  I’ll just have to make the time to actually dye it; it won’t do me any good just sitting there in that cardboard box all fluffy and white!

Wool Batting


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