Ghostie Family

My felt creations this time are inspired by the creepy crawlies of Halloween!  It’s a little ghost family.  A mommy ghost, a daddy ghost, and a baby ghost.  You can decide who is who.  It’s like the three little bears but scarier because it’s ghosts!!!  I decided to hang mine up with some thread, so that they appear to be floating in thin air.  Just like real ghosts!

Felt Ghost Family
I think that the faces turned out pretty adorable.  These are my tiniest creations as of yet.  They are only about 1.5 to 2 inches tall.  They are little yet pack that scary punch.  They are great Halloween decorations.  Hang them near the candy bowl, on your kids’ bunkbeds, or under doorways.  They are also great little handheld toys for this time of the year.  Kids are sure to moan “woooo” when they are holding these little cuties.

Felt Ghostie

Felt Ghost Toy


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