Felted Fall Pumpkin turned Jack-O-Lantern!

Last post, I showed everyone my little fall felt pumpkin.  Today, I will show you that same pumpkin with a “scary face”!  Get ready! Hide the children!  This is one monstrous jack-o-lantern!

Felt Jack-O-Lantern

Alright, alright, he is actually not very scary at all. Doing this felted project brought back some cherished childhood memories.  Sitting at the table, assigned the task of drawing a scary jack-o-lantern face knowing that the scariest will win.  I was one of four kids and my chances were pretty low that my spooky drawing would win; throw in my dad’s drawings and I was sure to lose!  My dad could create the scariest jack-o-lantern faces.  And while he might would “use” my eyes, or nose as inspiration on the finished jack-o-lantern; everyone knew that it was my dad’s drawing on that pumpkin!  Perhaps I should have consulted him before felting my version of a “scary” jack-o-lantern, because after all these years I still can’t compare.

Felt Jack-O-Lantern
I made his eyes, nose, and mouth yellow to resemble that inner glow that all jack-o-lanterns seem to contain!  And he actually looks rather friendly, like a young child who has lost a few teeth!  Not intimidating at all.  But I love cutesy, so he will do just fine for me!  I hope you all were inspired to create “spooky” or “cutesy” Halloween decorations of your very own.


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