Making Felt Acorns. . . A Great Fall Activity!

Needle Felt Acorn Garland?

I just love fall; it is by far the best season for everything!!!  Today, in celebration of this wonderful season, my kids and I made some brightly colored felted acorns.  It’s a really great matching game for younger ones and for older kids it’s still lots of fun!

To be fair, I must admit that this is not my original idea.  I tried to discover the originator of this craft, but it is so widespread that I couldn’t locate the artist who began it all.  This is a pretty straightforward project, but I will tell you the step by step process in order to make it super clear.

First things first, get out there and visit your local park, find an oak tree and scour the ground for acorns.  Even my youngest child enjoyed collecting the acorns(she’s 2).  If the acorns are still attached the the top, just pry the suckers off.  Now, you have a collection of acorn tops.  To make the acorn tops last longer, you can shellac or paint with a gloss.  I skipped this step as I didn’t have this supply on hand.  But I highly suggest it, if these are intended to be keepsakes!
Acorn Tops
While you were looking for acorn tops, hopefully you noticed the beautiful colors that adorn the acorns themselves.  Use this as inspiration for the colors you choose to felt with.  I chose green, mauve, dark blue, dark purple, and brown.  Now with your acorn caps resting nearby, begin to make a few different size needle felted balls.  I simply rested an average cap nearby and made some larger, some the perfect size for the cap, and some a little smaller.
small needle felt balls
Now match them up.  This is also fun for children, let them match the correct sized cap to the needle felted ball.  It’s a great sorting activity and all natural.  The textures and colors are sure to please.

Acorn Tops and Felted Balls

Kids matching the acorn tops to the correct size felt ball.
Now fire up that hot glue gun.  You could use Elmer’s, but it doesn’t set as fast.  Put a little drop of glue in the acorn cap, position the matched felted ball inside it and keep pressure on it until the glue sets.

Hot Glue Gun is Ready!

Acorn Cap with a drop of Glue

Applying Pressure
The felted acorns are now complete, but what do I do with them?  I have an activity planned with my children, but they are also great fall decorations.  Place them in a pretty bowl, or hang them in a row as festive garland.  I’m sure there are more, but I’m going to let you use your imagination for more decorating ideas.  Get outside and do something with your loved ones; it’s a beautiful season!  Happy Fall!

Pair of Felt Acorns

Felt Acorns


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