Caterpillar. . .Soft Fuzzy Felt Balls on a String!

I followed my imagination and made a colorful felted caterpillar.  This colorful creature is unlike my previous creations because I used a few different materials to construct his wiggly body.  This toy design used wool, pony beads, buttons, and wool yarn.  I think he turned out just adorable.  If only real caterpillars had such a friendly face!
colorful caterpillar toy
I made 6 individual balls, put a face and antennae on one, and then strung them together with some wool yarn.  I wanted the caterpillar to be able to curve just a little; which is why I strung them together rather than felting them together.  I really like his pony bead antennae, but I think wood instead of plastic would have really complimented the natural wool construction.  Also, felted beads would look fantastic as antennae.  I haven’t really got into the felt jewelry craze; but if tiny felted beads could compliment my little felt toys I’m going to have to give it a try!  I haven’t attempted such miniscule needle felting tasks yet, mostly for fear of poking myself while working in a tiny area.  But I can’t stop imagining this little guy with felt bead antennae, so I will probably make him again in the future when I have mastered the technique of felting beads!

soft felt caterpillar toy
The tiny pieces make it inappropriate as a crib toy, but I think under adult supervision this toy would intrigue even the littlest baby!  Even my eleven year old was impressed with this one; and it’s hard to impress her!  All in all this little toy was a joy to make.  It’s bright, colorful, happy, wiggly and so adorable.  It’s a really simple concept and hopefully I’ve inspired someone to try a felt caterpillar of their very own!

soft felt caterpillar toy


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