Felt Saturn . . . perfect for imaginative play!

Saturn is complete; it’s time to celebrate!  This felted Saturn was quite a challenge.  I just kept at it and fiddled around with the rings and the density of the fibers until it was just right.  I tried to somewhat maintain a color scheme that resembled that of the actual planet.
A Toy Felt Saturn
While I was creating this planet, I had some ideas for future projects.  The first idea was inspired by the rings of the planet: a felted chain.  I thought why not leave the planetary body out completely and just felt a long soft chain of rings; you could then hang a toy on them or simply turn one ring on the chain over and over again.  So be expecting a multi-colored felted chain in the future!
Rings of a Felt Saturn
Also,  I realized that my children were very intrigued at the extra ring around this toy ball.  So, I might use this ringed ball as a prototype for some more colorful and imaginative balls in the future.  Maybe instead of rather dull planetary colors, I can use some bright vivid primary colors.

And last but not least, this toy can move.  I was trying to create a little toy Saturn and I did; but I also created my first felted top.  Just watch it spin.  You can also roll it on the edge of its rings as a wheel down the hallway floor.  The point is:  this was one of my most challenging and unforgiving projects, yet I walked away with much more than a felted Saturn.  I walked away with some great ideas.  What more could you ask for?

A spinning felt top.


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