A Felted Moon . . . Not quite!

Alright, I promised a moon.  However, the felted moon did not turn out the way that I intended it to.  I was lacking some key colors to really make this miniature moon realistic or for that matter even slightly resemble it.  So I decided rather than hide my little felted moon from the eyes of fellow felters, that I would share my failure with you.  My moon is sitting atop my white wool baby jar in the top righthand corner!  Yes I use baby jars and yeast jars to hold my colored wool.  It works great; I can easily see the palette of colors I have to choose from.
Hand dyed wool
My husband dyed my wool for me a few months ago and I’ve been working off this color palette for some time now.  The colors turned out fantastic as you can see; we used a method that utilizes “Wilton” food coloring to dye the wool.  By the way “Wilton” coloring is excellent for getting vivid colors on cakes or cookies.  It really makes a red or black icing which is amazing; generic food coloring can’t make those bold colors.  The ability for this brand to make such vibrant colors is why I chose it for my wool.  However, I have not yet found a way to make gray wool.  And a moon without gray wool looks ridiculous.  Therefore,  my new goal is to come up with a way to dye wool gray and share this with everyone in the future.  Once I have successfully dyed a batch of gray wool I can use it to tweak my moon design and then I can show you the new improved version.  If anyone has had any success with dying their own wool gray, please comment below; I could really use the advice.  Otherwise,  if you’re in the same grayless boat as me, stay-tuned and I will wow you in a few weeks!  So you heard it right, a “how-to” dye wool post is up and coming.  See you soon!


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