History, Astronomy, and Needle Felting!

The seven classical planets were the non-fixed objects that one could see in the sky.  The word planet is originally a Greek word meaning “wanderer”; therefore, a few bodies we would not consider planets today are among the list of this ancient classification of planets.  Why?  Because they wandered, even the sun and moon were part of the classical planets being that they changed positions among the otherwise fixed constellations in the sky!

The seven classical planets include:  the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.  Today I am sharing the first in my “classical planets” collection:  a felted SUN!  Look how adorable it is all surrounded by the deep darkness of space and little twinkling stars.   I know, I know it’s missing that special glow; but just let your imagination take over from here.   If my husband had helped create this photo, no doubt the stars would have mimicked actual constellations.  I, however, am not as talented in the science of astronomy and just drew little dots to give the illusion of stars.
Needle Felt Sun
I love incorporating education into my felted creations and the seven classical planets offer an abundance of ways to do that, from history lessons to astronomy lessons.  For example, the days of the week are named after these seven classical planets: Sun-day, Moon-day, Mars is Tuesday, Mercury is Wednesday, Jupiter is Thursday , Venus is Friday, and Saturn is Saturday.  At first glance only Saturday, Sunday, and Monday appear to fit, but if you look into the etymology of the others it becomes more apparent.  For example, Friday comes from the norse goddess Frigg who is the goddess of love.  Obviously, love and Venus are like peanut butter and jelly.  The tie between friday and Venus is even more evident in other languages; in French, Friday is named “Vendredi” and is derived from the Latin word “Veneris” or day of Venus.
Felt Ball of Sunshine
Wow, who knew that etymology and felting would ever cross one another; but I managed to do just that.  I am intrigued at ways one can incorporate toys into life lessons.  Just the other day I pulled out my felted globe and was teaching my daughter the seven continents with it.  I hope you enjoyed your lesson for today and I will be back in a few days with my felted version of the moon!  Have a wonderful Mercury-Day(whoops, Wednesday)!  I just love this stuff!


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