Goodbye Summer . . . A Felted Sea Turtle.

I’ve decided to make 7 creatures for this ocean themed collection.  And here they all are side by side.  Each one has a sweet face and a soft felty body.  In the end, I needle felted the following toys, in order: a”rainbow fish”, an angelfish, an octopus, a crab, a beluga whale, a blowfish and a sea turtle.  Each felted toy took about three to five hours to complete and they are roughly three to five inches long. That’s an hour for an inch of length.  So that is roughly 28 hours of labor right there.  Blood, sweat, tears, the usual- all went into those little cuties.  That’s kindof gross, but you get the idea.  I sat on the sofa, poke, poke, a glance up to see what was happening on my soap, and then poke some more; until,  I had a ocean menagerie of my very own.  It was so much fun to create these and in the end I got to see my husband and kids oww and aww over them.

Today, I’m sharing with everyone the very last felted creation for my farewell to summer, “Ocean Collection”.  It’s a  Sea Turtle!  I just love this little guy.  He is probably my favorite animal in this collection; his head and fins have these bold black markings while the green shell is understated in comparison.  The color contrast is very appealing!  Just look in the center of the picture below; he is the little guy leading the ocean parade.

Felted Ocean Collection

Here are two very leggy ocean creatures.  An octopus and a crab.  Eighteen legs combined on those little guys.  I have a rather large family and together my family only has fourteen legs.  If you’d like to see how to attach so many legs on a felt creation, check out this previous post on my little crab.

Felted Crab and Octopus

There are three fish.  All swimming in a row.  Who knew that “rainbowfish”, angelfish, and blowfish schooled together.  When you have an imagination they can and maybe a tiny beluga whale can join them; or a crab or a sea turtle!  The sea’s the limit.

Needle Felted Fish

And the final picture is of my two favorite creatures from this collection:  the “rainbow fish” and the sea turtle.  The very first creation and the very last.  I hope you enjoyed this adventure from felted”rainbow fish” to felted sea turtle with me.  It has been quite a journey; feel free to reminisce on the hot, balmy, beachy days while perusing my past few posts.  Goodbye Summer!

Sea Turtle and Fantasy Fish Felt Toys


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