A Felt Toy for a Handmade Doll

Usually, I only show my handmade needle felted projects here; however, today I’m going to share something a little different(but don’t worry, a felted cutie is here as well!).  My daughter is about to have a 6th birthday and I’m making a doll with clothes, pretend food, a diaper, and, you guessed it, a felted animal toy for her babydoll.  My daughter has this white teddy bear that she carries all over the house and I decided to make a tiny version of this bear for her new babydoll.  Toys need toys too!

White Needle Felted Bear

Felted Bear

I made the babydolls hair from a flat piece of felt;  It took me forever to needle felt this flat piece(I probably should have wet felted it).  I was getting so tired that my husband offered his brawny arms to finish it up!  Then I used a blanket stitch to attach the felted blonde hair to the doll.  It is super short hair because it is supposed to be a BABY. I wanted to practice embroidery for the eyes; but my daughter loves the movie Coraline and button eyes were a must!

Doll with Needle Felted Bear

I love how versatile felting is.  My favorite thing to make with felt is 3-dimensional figurines; but I don’t want to forget the usefulness of flat felt either.  Making this gift, allowed me to use the wonderful medium of wool in multiple ways.  Of course, these were only a handful of my ideas as how to incorporate felting into this gift.  How about felt shoes for the doll, a beautiful felt flower in her hair, or pretend felt food to feed the doll.  Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day and eventually I had to narrow down my list.  On to my next project!

Love Between a Handmade Doll and a Felted Bear

Handmade Doll and Needle Felted Bear


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