Wet Felted Balls plus IMAGINATION!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had made  three felt balls by wet felting them in the washing machine.  The first ball that  I embellished,  turned into a happy bumblebee.  I worked during the next couple of days to turn the other two white wool balls into creatures.  The second ball became a penguin, and the third morphed into a turtle.  This was all simply, yet patiently achieved by  needle felting details and perhaps a few wings to add on.

A turtle, penguin, and bumblebee needlefelted toys.

The turtle was the only creature to remain basically a ball(but all three are fun to toss back and forth).  He also has a jingle bell inside of him because my husband was feeling experimental.  I think the bell would have made more sense with the bumblebee, say as a buzzing sound. But I really wanted to make a turtle, and the only ball left had a jingle!  But truly, when it comes to kids anything can jingle and it’s more fun.  That extra sensory element really delighted me.  I think I might incorporate it into future toys as well,  see husbands can be very useful when it comes to crafts!  The good thing about a jingle inside of wool is that it muffles the noise; making just enough sound for the child playing with it, but not enough to disturb the parents while the child is shaking it over and over again!

A Cute Felt Turtle

Turning felt balls into toys has been really fun with these past three creatures.  Because they were wet felted somewhat mechanically,  I only had to focus on the details and not the sculpting.  And honestly, the details are my absolute favorite part.  I will probably make a few more toys with this  method before moving on to new territory.  Feel free to give it a try too,  it’s a fun way to be creative and great practice for mastering the details.

NeedleFelted Creatures


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