A Handmade Baby

Okay so the baby is not handmade, but she’s surrounded by handmade goodies.  Today I put her on her blanket, supplied her with a few crochet and knit balls and walked away for a moment.  This is the little monkey before I left.  Adorable right?  Very involved with her balls, not even caring that I’m walking away . . .

A baby with crochet and knit toys

Yet, when I came back she looked something like this.  Surrounded by toys once more, but wait . . . not the toys I had left her with!  You can tell by her squirminess and thumb sucking that she has been caught.

My baby found my felt toy stash.

Picking Up Felted Toys.That’s right red-handed with all MY felt toys.  But look,  the girl can pick up and well!  All of this cleaning was without my prompt, she just grabbed the container and went to town.  I think half the fun of playing with small figurine size toys is the fact that you can take them out of bins, bowls, shopping carts and then put them back.

All done picking up the felted creations.

And she’s finished.  TA-DAA!  I was actually very happy she broke into my container of felt toys. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face.   They are meant to be played with and while these are for future sells,  they were probably getting lonely.  The giraffe, bumblebee, deer, elephant, dinosaurs, and penguin probably had the time of their life.  And let’s not forget the gnome.  I’m sure they really appreciated a test run!


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