Ouch . . . It Stung Me!

A few days ago, my husband and I made three felt balls by wet felting with our laundry.  I have loads to say about that but I’ll save it for later.  However, I ended up with three balls that were pretty dense.  I couldn’t sculpt such dense balls, but at least I could needle felt some decorations on them.  My first thought was a round bumblebee.  And as you can see the results were great.  I love the color contrast of the black and yellow and I could really see a baby twiddling the wings between its fingers(you know the way babies love tags!)

Needle Felted Bumblebee

Now I have two more balls to decorate.  I love animals so I naturally think maybe an owl, a penquin, a baby chick, or just a face of any animal like a monkey.
Needle Felted Bumblebee

All of these ideas are tempting me to make more felt balls.  I will let you see what these two temporarily white balls end up looking like in future posts.


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